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In the 35 years that Dr. Phil Foster has been practicing psychology, one constant theme has risen to the top more than any other. People just don't feel good enough. Listen to the radio, read a book, or listen to the story of a friend and you will quickly see how fundamental the question of worth is.


In his new book, "I'm Not Good Enough", Dr. Foster explores the path from being bound up by performance to the freedom of letting God be good enough for us. In autobiographical form and written in plain English, this underdog story has a twist: the truth of the grace of God. If you struggle with feelings of self-worth, doubt whether God can love you, or just can't seem to measure up to the expectations you have for yourself (or that others have for you), then this book can help you to process through the authentic call that God has on your life. Join Dr. Foster as he explains the freedom of, "I'm not good enough." 

I'm Not Good Enough...

is a study in the grace of God. Unfortunately, most of us develop systems of coping from an early age that miss the truth of God's grace. What do we do about that? How does God want to show us His grace? How do we let Him? As you journey with Dr. Foster your small group, Sunday school, or family will begin to see the impact of God's grace on your lives. You will be challenged to explore and accept the deep love that God has for you, that Christ showed on the cross, and that the Holy Spirit wants to remind you of every day. Are you ready to begin? Click to order your copies!

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