I'm not good enough...

but I don't have to be

In my over 30+ years of people-helping, a reoccurring theme I have heard has been, "I'm not good enough."  So many have shared their stories with me I felt compelled to do something to bring good from their experiences as well as my own.

The truth is there is no legitimate standard to determine if someone is good enough and we don't need to let that matter to us at all.  We are children of God and that is our identity.  Our worth and value come from that truth and that truth never changes.

However, we sometimes need help in trusting and believing in that truth and living it out.  That is what this blog is about, helping you to believe in and take on your true identity as a child of God.

My prayer is that you will find here a source of encouragement and support in your journey.  Feel free to share  your thoughts and questions and your own encouragement to others.

Godspeed, Phil


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