I'm not good enough

I wrote this book and had it printed to tell my own story, but to capture the struggle I know that many experience, and to give them hope that it can be a better situation. None of us are good enough and we don't have to be. It is an illusory concept that we may spend all our lives to attain, but it doesn't really exist. No one will ever come up to you and say you are good enough.

God says that we don't need to try. He created us and he made us good. David says He knit us together in our mother's womb. He knows all our days and He has a plan for every one of them. He's just waiting for us to trust Him and let Him drive the bus.

I am writing this blog in hopes of stimulating some conversation, providing encouragement, and perhaps offering some direction. If you have ever felt this way, not good enough, come back from time to time and hear what others are saying. Ask questions that you may have and they may benefit others as well. Let's take this journey together. Godspeed, Phil